Thursday, March 22, 2012

In My Mailbox

I've seen several of you other bloggers do an "In My Mailbox" so I figured I'd go that route as well.

Today I got the following three.  One more is on the way so I'll add it as well.

The one I'm looking most forward to...

And this little gem which I hope is as good as it looks.  Also, I hope it's one my husband will enjoy too.

That's all for book news.  In other news, I (my family) got a new dog last weekend.  

Meet Toto, the newest family member.  Rescued from the Humane Society, he seems to be loving it at our house.  His first day home, he got treated to a 4 hour grooming session that I refer to as his spa day.  He's a Cairn Terrier and is practically the spitting image of 'The Toto' we all know and love.  We chose to keep his name that was given to him at the HS because he answers well to it.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it as they say.  He likes to go for long walks and pees in every yard we pass.  Apparently he likes to pee on toads too as he did that twice last night.  He plays about half of his day away and sleeps in the rest of it.  He's partly the reason I've let a few days slide by without posting but he was well worth it.  

What are you guys currently reading?  Are you gearing up to go see The Hunger Games?

Happy reading to you and happy weekend as well!