What do I like? 

I love and enjoy nature photography, traveling, knitting, cooking, movies, music, hiking, family time, and of course reading. 

Why a blog? 

I've been trying to figure out a proper creative outlet for myself for a few months now in addition to the hobbies I already have going. I wanted something more and I hope this feels the gap. 

Favorite Genres? 

I will read pretty much anything excluding Harlequin Romance novels. Those just aren't my 'thing'. I tend to converge towards Horror, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Chick-lit, and Non-Fiction most of the time. I have been recently branching out into some more Young Adult Fiction and I've always had a place in my heart for all types of children's books. 

Anything else to add? 

I'm a mom of four beautiful, imaginative little readers. Two boys and two girls ranging from age 6 to 12. I'm also a certified Elementary School Teacher just not working currently. I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I'm going to enjoy blogging.