Thursday, March 8, 2012

Books I'm Excited About

   The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice

Just released last month and many say it's her return to form.  She's done vampires and witches and angels even.  Now she's tackling werewolves.  Some reviews that I've read say it's one of her best and it's suggested that this may be the start of another series.  I can't wait to read it.

Check out everything Anne Rice at her site.  

Extremely Loud & Incredibly
Jonathan Safran Foer

I know, I know, it's film adaptation is currently showing and no I haven't seen it yet but I want to.  Knowing what I know though, the book will most likely be superior to the book so I wish to read it as well.  It's getting rave reviews everywhere too.

Everything is Illuminated
Jonathan Safran Foer

I feel like I'm the last person on Earth that hasn't read this yet but I promise I'm going to, soon.  I like a good story about searching for things lost in the past.  Also this has been adapted to film, of which I haven't seen either.  Book first, movie second.  

The Hunger Games
Suzanne Collins

Another series that the entire world seems to have already read, leaving me feeling like a complete noob.  I'm aiming to read the first one before the movie comes out.  I know this series is suited for young adult audiences but adults all over seem to LOVE it.  

Some say this is the "Harry Potter" of now.  We'll see, won't we.

Uglies, Pretties, Specials, & Extras
Scott Westerfeld

My daughter told me about these first because they are reading the series in their lit class currently.  She loves them and told me I just had to read them too.  

Since her telling me about them, I've seen them popping up everywhere on the web so I've put them on my TBR pile.  The synopsis of the series do sound very interesting.

The Mortal Instruments Trilogy
Cassandra Clare

I have no idea what these are about but it seems everyone is reading them and recommending them so I'm jumping on the book wagon.  I did see the covers at the library this past weekend and they do draw you in.  Hopefully the story lines are far more intriguing than the cover art.  

Got any other recommendations for me?  What books are you really, really excited about or looking forward to reading right now?  Comment below.  



  1. Love Hunger Games!!! Uglies is ok and I cannot wait to start the mortal instruments.
    Emily @

  2. Don't worry. I think we're in the same boat about The Hunger Games.

  3. I at least aim to read the first one before I go see the movie I should have said.